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Operational Excellence Webinars

Available seats

How to optimize operational efficiency to be ready for the future of manufacturing?

Join our Week of Webinars on Operational Excellence

Striving towards Operational Excellence on production lines and machines is what all producers are continuously aiming for. However, as manufacturers are challenged to move away from traditional high volume, low mix production runs, to more complex high mix, low volume production it becomes even more tricky getting the most out of the machinery.

Join our series of Webinars where we aim at providing you with handy and useful tips for achieving Operational Excellence. Via four different perspectives and focus areas on your machines, you will gain useful insights and hints on how to create a higher degree of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).

Who should participate

Automation Managers and Engineers, Technicians, Technical Managers, Production Managers etc.


The webinars are free-of-charge, please register here to secure your seat.

Each day there will be a morning session and an afternoon session (30-45 min. per session).

Monday | Nov. 18th

How to use Artificial Intelligence at machine level?

Thanks to increased processing power and the availability of increasing volumes of data, the discussion about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how the technology leads to an increased productivity is picking up. Join our AI webinar and get tips and demonstrations of the many opportunities the AI technology provides you on machine level for reducing production costs. Learn about the difference between Edge, Fog and Cloud computing and how you get started utilising the benefits of AI in the machine controller.

Tuesday | Nov. 19th

Handy tricks for turning your data into gold

The future of industry is connected - Data from processes opens for previously unknown potential for improvement. The trick is to turn all the production line/machine data into useful information. How to do that in the cloud and create an easy visualisation of areas to set-in, are elements that will be covered. The webinar will also present an illustrative example of how to get the data and how to use the data, which can be applied immediately.

Guest speaker:

Finn Hunneche, Blackbird

Wednesday | Nov. 20th

Tips for collecting and integrating machine data

Learn how easy it is to get data from the factory level into the IT world. The webinar will include insights on technologies that can be used for data collecting, and the sort of data that is possible and useful to collect and utilise from the machines. Likewise, the webinar will demonstrate the most effective communication standards (SQL, OPC-UA, MQTT etc.) and show how to set them up.

Thursday | Nov. 21st

Are your machines sensors and components ready for the future demands from your customers?

Smart sensors and components offer enormous potential for development, such as predictive maintenance and network and efficient production. Are you utilising these benefits? Join our webinar and learn about the potential of the latest technologies in sensors and components. Get handy tips on how you maximise the benefits of a simple but smart component, leading you instantly to reduced production costs.