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“Make it for Me” - Rethink agility in manufacturing

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Consumer behavior is changing fast… so manufacturing must change too

A few clicks on a smart device may seem harmless, but when a million people do it each day to search, select and order goods then our manufacturing paradigm is destined to be turned upside down. The fact is, consumers are already clicking and pushing the trend of “make for me” beyond the realm of premium sectors of automotive, apparels and cosmetics. Today all manufacturing sectors will soon be pulled into the “make for me” trend, including personalized medication at the higher end to fresh snacks the lower. The conventional approach of “make it and stock it” (until you hopefully sell it) is reaching its limit. It’s time to rethink manufacturing, and this webinar is the perfect opportunity to do it together.

In addition to the consumer “pull” what else is causing the change?

Conventional manufacturing is built on highly effective mass production and relies on hyper automated lines. It has become extremely efficient – but not at all flexible. The increasing consumer pull for high variability is mostly addressed through manual labor and mostly relies on contract manufacturing. Today game changers in the industrial automation world (such as mobile and fixed robotics, AI and the integration of IT and OT) are redefining the possibilities in agile manufacturing. This webinar presents a fresh approach on a new model where transformation, transfer and transport processes are all seamlessly integrated. Even more, this new manufacturing model is one where the manufacturing space is safe, reconfigurable and the flow of products are end to end-to-end traceable. Join our webinar and let’s make this journey together.

Smart factories need smarter people…

“To the machine the work of the machine to men the thrill of further creation” This is the Omron social compass in industrial automation. A social compass that is especially expressed by the Omron i-Automation concept, which makes machines more intelligent so they can work in harmony with people. This webinar will touch on the human role in the autonomous and collaborative manufacturing model and emphasizes our firm belief that any technological progress should strive to make the manufacturing place a better, cleaner and happier place to work in.

Webinar agenda

00:00 - 00:05
00:05 - 00:10
Innovation driven by social needs
00:10 - 00:20
From make for mass to make for me…
00:20 - 00:25
From hyper automation to autonomous automation
00:25 - 00:30
Game changer, game enabler & digital lean
00:30 - 00:35
The core technology
00:35 - 00:45
Case studies
00:45 - 00:55

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