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New RX2-Series – The Driving Evolution

Versatile high-performance inverter helps maximize performance while saving energy.

Our new RX2 high-performance frequency inverters meet the changing demands of system integrators, machine builders and manufacturers, helping them ensure productivity, quality and reliability, along with easy customization. The RX2 inverters are designed for applications such as filling control, press working and tension control, for both permanent magnet (PM) motors and induction motors.

While large companies in the EU are carrying out audits searching for ways to reduce energy consumption, it is important for them to investigate each component and step in the production process for possible improvements. We respond to this need with innovative automation solutions that help companies and governments reach their energy-efficiency goals.

Evolved heritage and easy replacement

The new RX2 series offers auto-tuning that maximizes PM motor performance, helping save energy. The double rating of its predecessor RX, which included the normal duty (ND) and heavy duty (HD) ratings, is now is upgraded to triple rating. This makes it possible to use a single inverter for a wide range of motor applications, minimizing footprint and maximizing performance.

The RX2 series maintains the same mounting dimensions as the previous RX model, offering an easy replacement to existing control panel and mounting locations. In addition, the existing CX-Drive software can be used. With this software, parameter settings and programs used for the previous model can easily be converted and transferred to the new RX2 inverters.

Thanks to the built-in noise filter, which correspond to the European EMC Directive (IEC61800-3 2nd Environment Category C3 and UL Power Conversion Equipment/UL61800-5-1), users do not need additional external hardware, avoiding further costs. The new full-colour LCD interface makes setup and operation intuitive and easy. The parameter copy function allows users to quickly copy settings to other RX2 inverters. The RX2 inverter can also perform simple sequence control programmed using the CX-Drive support software.

Optimized costs, safety and connectivity

Crane control, tension control, and other large-scale processes that require fast control speeds can be configured without a PLC, optimizing costs. In addition, the RX2 features Safe Torque Off (STO) as a standard feature to meet machine safety needs. It is certified to IEC 61800-5-2:2016 STO SIL3 and ISO 13849-1:2015 Cat.4 PLe safety standards. The RX2 inverters can be connected to the NX and NJ machine automation controllers from Omron to improve development and production productivity (EtherCAT option coming soon).

“Our new RX2 inverters offer high performance. We aim at a constant evolution with our inverters, responding to market needs such as increased energy efficiency,” says Alberto Fuentes, European Drive Product Marketing Manager. “Furthermore, upgrading to the new RX2 inverters is very easy for our existing customers, as the RX2 is even more intuitive and faster to use that the previous RX model.”

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