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Flexible Manufacturing
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FasThink optimizes Garnet's intralogistics with mobile robots

Publicerat 2021-11-02 12:30:20 UTC i Flexible Manufacturing

Garnet relies on FasThink to innovate its logistics and production processes.
Garnet, importer and distributor of electrical and electromechanical components for the automation, robotics and automotive markets, present in Italy since 1997 and based in Concorezzo (MB), has decided to innovate its logistics and production processes, relying on FasThink.
Garnet's goal was to reduce the risks associated with errors, while optimizing and improving the picking process dedicated to the preparation of kits for production. To keep the various phases of the processes under control in real time, starting with logistics, Garnet also needed to integrate the application with its management software.
"The reason that prompted us to renew the entire process was to resolve some discrepancies between logistics and production, which involved longer management times than expected." said Leopoldo Iurino, CEO of Garnet. To meet these needs, Garnet turned to FasThink, a digital native company that deals with the integration of field technologies for process improvement in logistics and manufacturing. The company's mission is to help companies in the digitization process towards Industry 4.0.

Integration becomes mobile

FasThink designed and developed a solution capable of integrating its proprietary Pick-to-Light (P2Light) technology with OMRON’s mobile robotics system. The combined use of the two technologies has allowed FasThink to create an extremely versatile, flexible and scalable application to optimize the processes of picking and handling of goods and, last but not least, integrate the solution with Garnet’s management software.
"Responding to the need to move goods from the kit preparation station to production, and avoiding manual errors, we have created a bespoke application, combining the P2Light picking system with OMRON’s mobile robot and Garnet's management software,” explains Marco Marella, CEO of FasThink. "Being an OMRON Solution Partner allows us to extend our solutions to the rapidly growing sector of mobile robotics and position our company in the high-level integration of innovative technologies."

How does it work

The fully autonomous and collaborative OMRON mobile robot travels through Garnet's warehouse carrying the material from one point to another. The robot receives instructions through Garnet's management system: in this way its path is adaptable and customizable according to the needs in that moment. The robot is equipped with a series of P2Light devices, an innovative material picking system that guides the operator through visual signals to the locations from which to pick up the material in the picking process.
The P2Light system allows the elimination of errors in the kit preparation phase and, making it ideal for ensuring maximum flexibility. Modifications of the light signals are quick and easy to make. Garnet was able to free operators, that can now focus on more value-adding activities than the manual handling of materials.
The application developed by FasThink integrated with Garnet's management system has made it possible to monitor date from the logistics and production processes in real time, significantly improving productivity and reducing logistics management times. With the implementation of this project, Garnet was also able to benefit from the tax advantages provided for investments in Industry 4.0.
"The innovative aspect that the implementation of Industry 4.0 has brought has allowed us to address issues related to logistics and production in a completely new way. We now feel ready to take up the challenges that the market will bring to us in the near future. " Leopoldo Iurino concludes.

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