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Formal CE Marking (CEM)

In our experience we find that many new machines or newly installed production lines exhibit some form of noncompliance. They are not always as safe as they can be. Consequently the CE mark on a machine may not be a valid one, simply because of the specific requirements of CE marking machinery.

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Accelerating the CE marking process

A CE mark is the manufacturer’s declaration that the machine complies with the relevant EU directives. In most cases these are the Machinery, Low Voltage, and EMC directives. A CE mark is needed not only for a machine to be sold on the market, but also when you create one for your own internal use. We can provide all the key assessments and documentation you need to apply the CE mark and ensure it is a valid one.

Where modifications to your original designs are required, we can further support you with designs, engineering, installation and testing of the safety functions, and we can provide documentation for inclusion in the technical file which we can help you create.

Even production lines might be subject to CE marking procedure and safety assessments. That condition is met, once production line that can be classified as assembly of machinery is put into service, or is extended with new machines. According to Machinery Directive, production line becomes assembly of machinery if several machines are integrated together to perform common function, and this function cannot be fulfilled when one of machines will stop working. That brings obligation to assess such assembly machinery in the same way single machine is assessed.

Some of the CE marking tasks

Omron ensures the whole process is smooth and efficient.

  • Risk assessment of the machine

  • Inspection of the machine against all applicable Essential Health and Safety Requirements of the Machinery Directive

  • Inspection of the electrical system to IEC EN 60204-1

  • Inspection of the pneumatic system to EN ISO 4414

  • Inspection of the hydraulic system to EN ISO 4413

  • Inspections to all other applicable EN ISO standards for the machine

  • Noise testing

  • EMC testing

  • Calculation of the performance levels under EN 13849-1 for any safety related control functions.

  • Calculation and provision of documentation showing the approach speed and positioning calculations for all ESPE devices on the machine such as light curtains, scanners, single beam sensors and all other devices falling under the scope of EN ISO 13855.

  • Calculation and provision of documentation showing the correct positioning of guarding and guard interlocks under the scope of EN 14120 and EN 14119 respectively.

  • Creation of the Technical File for the machine.

  • Creation of the Declaration of Conformity or Declaration on Incorporation for the machine.

  • Creation of the EC declaration of conformity or declaration of incorporation for the customer to sign.

How it works

Working closely and ‘in partnership’ with you or your partners, suppliers (or authorised representatives if you are based outside the EU) we help you gain formal legislative CE marking for your machinery.