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CP2E-Series Compact Controller and NB-Series HMI to offer a perfect solution for compact range Machines

Power up your automation with minimal effort.

We have released a complete renewal of Compact Controller product families to offer a complete solution in price and technology driven machine approach. This approach perfectly matches the applications of compact range.

The CP2E-Series controller answers to the needs of volume driven machine which gives the essential solution at a better price.

Improve your machine with new features of CP2E Compact Controller.

  • Improve and simplify networking and connectivity: Two built-in ethernet ports eliminate the need for switching hubs. This allows better Machine to Machine communication, saves additional costs of Ethernet Switches and provides multiple serial connectivity lines.
  • Increase robustness and reliability: Extended temperature range in operation (-20°C to +60°C) for increase reliability in special applications. Provides Automatic recovery interferences.
  • Increase machine efficiency: The CP2E Compact Controller is five times faster than the CP1E.
  • Reduce programming time: Using the Function Block Programming and Extended Library you can reduce programming time for linear interpolated motion and communication
  • Reduce maintenance time: Battery free operation; LED indication for Inputs/outputs

Connect NB Series HMI for a perfect match: extremely reliable HMI with a superior quality display and ready for remote connectivity via FTP, VPN, VNC.

Use software tools to reduce programming time:

  • Faceplates for HMI with modern and reusable pages
  • Function block library for CP2

Fully backward compatible with CP1E

CP1E is discontinued on the end of March 2022, but you can use now CP2E for your automation

The migration from CP1E to CP2E can be easily performed in just a few steps. You can convert the uploaded CP1E program to CP2E with one click.

The CP2E Compact Controller is fully backward compatible with CP1E controller. The CX-One software allows to power up your automation with minimal effort.

How to make the conversion?

In CX-Programmer, change the PLC model of the CP1E user program from "CP1E" to "CP2E" or "CP2E-N". Also set the CPU format. Automatic conversion is done!

For more information on the conversion procedure and suggested replacement for you CP1E controller please follow the CP1E to CP2E Replacement Guide

Starter kit details

Order code: CP2E-N30+NB7 STARTER KIT

The kit includes:

  • CP2E-N30DR-D: compact controller (18x 24VDC inputs, 12x relay outputs 2A)

  • NB7W-TW01B: 7 inches HMI with ethernet connectivity

  • CP1W-MAB221 analog I/O option board

  • S8VKC-12024: Power supply 24V 120W

  • 2 Ethernet cables

Ask your OMRON Distributors or Representatives for more details on this promotion

How to start working with your starter kit?

Download the NB Designer software

Faceplates for HMI

  • Getting started Project

  • Connect & monitor devices: inverters, PLCs, safety controllers & robots

  • Recipe page, Store data on USB key

  • Connectivity (FTP, VPN configuration)

  • Alarms and events example

  • And much more…

Download the Faceplates for HMI software

Function block library for CP2E Compact Controller

  • Exchange Data between the CP2E CPU Units Using Built-in Ethernet Ports

  • Modbus TCP Server function

  • Modbus RTU commands using the serial port

  • PID control with autotuning using a temperature sensor unit

  • Linear interpolation using pulse outputs

  • Cam positioner

  • MQTT protocol

Get access here

Want to know about CP2E Controller?

Take a look at the product selector on the CP2E product page for more product details and information.

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