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Sysmac controller – NX7 Series

The NX7 series is a high performance CPU that includes two synchronized motion cores controlling up to 256 axes.

  • Fastest cycle time: 125 µs
  • Number of axes: 256, 128
  • Two synchronized motion cores
  • Functions: Logic sequence, Database connection, AI and Motion
  • Database direct connection: SQL client for server Microsoft SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL
  • Database direct connection in V2.0 is expanded with stored procedure calls and secure communications functionality
  • AI Functionality: AI engine included in the controller enables real time utilisation of machine learning model
  • AI Predictive Maintenance Library enables non-stop equipment
  • Multi-tasking
  • Built-in EtherCAT and two EtherNet/IP (1 Gbps) ports
  • EtherCAT Ring topology is supported to maintain communications and control in case of a broken cable or device failure
Specifications & ordering info

Ordering information

Power supply units

Symbol Description Output capacity RUN output Order code
100 to 240 VAC power supply unit for NX7 CPU 90 W Supported NX-PA9001
24 VDC power supply unit for NX7 CPU 70 W NX-PD7001

NX7 series CPU units

Symbol CPU Program capacity Variables capacity Power consumption Functionalities Number of axes Order code
Sequence Motion DB connection AI
NX701 80 MB 4 MB: Retained
256 MB: Not retained
40 W 256 NX701-1720
128 NX701-1620
256 NX701-Z700
128 NX701-Z600
256 NX701-1700
128 NX701-1600

The end cover unit NX-END01 is included with the CPU unit.

EtherCAT junction slave

Symbol Appearance Name No. of ports Power supply voltage Current consumption (A) Dimensions (W x D x H) Weight Order code
EtherCAT junction slave 3 20.4 to 28.8 VDC
(24 VDC –15 to 20%)
0.08 25 mm × 78 mm × 90 mm 165 g GX-JC03
6 0.17 48 mm × 78 mm × 90 mm 220 g GX-JC06
  1. Please do not connect EtherCAT junction slave with OMRON position control unit, Model CJ1W-NC_81/_82.
  2. EtherCAT junction slave cannot be used for Ethernet/IP and Ethernet.

Industrial switching hub

Symbol Appearance Specifications Accessories Current consumption (A) Order code
Functions No. of ports Failure detection
Quality of Service (QoS): EtherNet/IP control data priority.
Failure detection: Broadcast storm and LSI error detection 10/100 BASE-TX, Auto-Negotiation
3 No Power supply connector 0.22 W4S1-03B
5 No W4S1-05B
5 Yes Power supply connector and connector for informing error W4S1-05C

Recommended EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP communication cables

Symbol Item Manufacturer Color Cable length (m) Order code
EtherCAT cable Cat 5e, AWG22, 2-pair cableM12/Smartclick connectorsImproved shield for EtherCAT communications Standard typeCable with connectors on both ends(M12 straight/M12 straight) OMRON Black 0.5 XS5W-T421-BM2-SS
1 XS5W-T421-CM2-SS
2 XS5W-T421-DM2-SS
3 XS5W-T421-EM2-SS
5 XS5W-T421-GM2-SS
10 XS5W-T421-JM2-SS
Rugged typeCable with connectors on both ends(M12 straight/RJ45) Black 0.5 XS5W-T421-BMCSS
1 XS5W-T421-CMC-SS
2 XS5W-T421-DMC-SS
3 XS5W-T421-EMC-SS
5 XS5W-T421-GMC-SS
10 XS5W-T421-JMC-SS
Ethernet/EtherCAT patch cable Cat 6a, AWG27, 4-pair cableCable sheath material: LSZH
The lineup features low smoke zero halogen cables for in-cabinet use and PUR cables for out-of-cabinet use.
This cable is available in yellow, green and blue colors.
Standard typeCable with connectors on both ends (RJ45/RJ45) Yellow 0.2 XS6W-6LSZH8SS20CM-Y
1.5 XS6W-6LSZH8SS150CM-Y
7.5 XS6W-6LSZH8SS750CM-Y
10 XS6W-6LSZH8SS1000CM-Y
15 XS6W-6LSZH8SS1500CM-Y
20 XS6W-6LSZH8SS2000CM-Y
Green 0.2 XS6W-6LSZH8SS20CM-G
1.5 XS6W-6LSZH8SS150CM-G
7.5 XS6W-6LSZH8SS750CM-G
10 XS6W-6LSZH8SS1000CM-G
15 XS6W-6LSZH8SS1500CM-G
20 XS6W-6LSZH8SS2000CM-G
Ethernet/EtherCAT patch cable Cat 5e, AWG26, 4-pair cableCable sheath material: PUR
The lineup features low smoke zero halogen cables for in-cabinet use and PUR cables for out-of-cabinet use.
Standard typeCable with connectors on both ends (RJ45/RJ45) OMRON Green 0.5 XS6W-5PUR8SS50CM-G
1.5 XS6W-5PUR8SS150CM-G
7.5 XS6W-5PUR8SS750CM-G
10 XS6W-5PUR8SS1000CM-G
15 XS6W-5PUR8SS1500CM-G
20 XS6W-5PUR8SS2000CM-G
Cat 5e, AWG22, 2-pair cable Rugged typeCable with connectors on both ends (RJ45/RJ45) Grey 0.3 XS5W-T421-AMD-K
0.5 XS5W-T421-BMD-K
1 XS5W-T421-CMD-K
2 XS5W-T421-DMD-K
3 XS5W-T421-EMD-K
5 XS5W-T421-GMD-K
10 XS5W-T421-JMD-K
15 XS5W-T421-KMD-K
Rugged typeCable with connectors on both ends (M12 straight/RJ45) Grey 0.3 XS5W-T421-AMC-K
0.5 XS5W-T421-BMC-K
1 XS5W-T421-CMC-K
2 XS5W-T421-DMC-K
3 XS5W-T421-EMC-K
5 XS5W-T421-GMC-K
10 XS5W-T421-JMC-K
15 XS5W-T421-KMC-K
Cat 5e, AWG22, 2-pair cable Rugged typeCable with connectors on both ends (M12 L right angle/RJ45) Grey 0.3 XS5W-T422-AMC-K
0.5 XS5W-T422-BMC-K
1 XS5W-T422-CMC-K
2 XS5W-T422-DMC-K
3 XS5W-T422-EMC-K
5 XS5W-T422-GMC-K
10 XS5W-T422-JMC-K
15 XS5W-T422-KMC-K
Ethernet installation cable Cat 5, SF/UTP, 4 × 2 × AWG 24/1 (solid core), Polyurethane (PUR) Weidmüller Green 100 WM IE-5IC4x2xAWG24/1-PUR
Cat 5, SF/UTP, 4 × 2 × AWG 26/7 (stranded core), Polyurethane (PUR) Green 100 WM IE-5IC4x2xAWG26/7-PUR
Connectors RJ45 metallic connectorFor AWG22 to AWG26 WM IE-T0-RJ45-FH-BK
RJ45 plastic connectorFor AWG22 to AWG24 OMRON XS6G-T421-1
RJ45 socket DIN-rail mount socket to terminate installation cable in the -cabinet Weidmüller WM IE-T0-RJ45-FJ-B

Please be careful while cable processing, for EtherCAT, connectors on both ends should be shield connected and for EtherNet/IP, connectors on only one end should be shield connected.

WE70 FA wireless LAN units

Appearance Name Area Type Order code
WE70 FA wireless LAN units Europe Access point (Master) WE70-AP-EU
Client (Slave) WE70-CL-EU
Directional magnetic-base antenna 1 set with two antennas, 2.4 GHz/5 GHz Dual-band compatible WE70-AT001H
DIN rail mounting bracket For TH35 7.5 WT30-FT001
For TH35 15 WT30-FT002
Antenna extension cable 5 m WE70-CA5M

Special versions are available for USA, Canada, China and Japan.


Appearance Specifications Order code
SD memory card 2 GB HMC-SD291
4 GB HMC-SD491
DIN track Length: 0.5 m; height: 7.3 mm PFP-50N
Length: 1 m; height: 7.3 mm PFP-100N
Length: 1 m; height: 16 mm PFP-100N2
Battery for NX7/NJ CPU unit (The battery is included with the CPU unit) CJ1W-BAT01
End cover (The end cover is included with the CPU unit. Necessary to be connected to the right end of the CPU rack) NX-END01
Fan unit (The fan unit is included with the CPU unit) NX-FAN01

Computer software

Specifications Order code
Sysmac Studio
For the NX701-Z CPU units (with Artificial Intelligence), Sysmac Studio version 1.25 or higher is needed.
Refer to the Sysmac Studio datasheet (https://industrial.omron.eu/en/products/sysmac-studio) for detailed information or contact your OMRON representative.
AI Controller Software Software that provides an operation interface for AI programming DVD SYSMAC-AICSTE00D
1 license SYSMAC-AICSTE01L
Direct access to SQL Database

Stored procedure

What is stored procedure?

Stored procedure is one of the database functions. A group of SQL statements is stored in a database, enabling complex processing to be executed with one call. The Stored Procedure Call function to call stored procedure in a database from the controller has been added to version 2.0.

nj nx stored procedure engb prod

Secure connection between FA and IT

Authentication based on server certificates and encrypted communications ensure safe connection between a database server and the CPU unit.*1

nj nx secure connection engb prod

5 times faster data collection than the previous method

Batch Insert can store various types of data for a long time, just like an event data recorder. This allows you to identify the causes of line stoppages by analyzing data collected every scan.*1*2

nj nx batch insert engb prod

Automatic generation of tables from structures and vice versa

A database table can be automatically generated from a structure, and a structure can be automatically generated from a database table. Mapping time can be reduced.*1

nj nx automatic generation engb prod

1. Available in NX701-1□20 and NX102-□□20. Will be available in NJ□01-□□20 soon.

2. Compared with when multiple insertions are performed.

3. A stored procedure is required to delete tables.


Sysmac Studio

sysmac studio prod
The Sysmac Studio provides one design and operation environment for configuration, programming, simulation and monitoring.

AI Controller Software

The AI Predictive Maintenance Library, a collection of software components, calculates optimal future values to judge behaviour from data of operating mechanism.

Sysmac related products

We have integrated motion, safety, I/O, vision, sensing and visualization products within one Sysmac platform.

Take a look at the complete Sysmac portfolio.


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