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Fewer stoppages, more uptime

Thanks to world's longest distance E2E NEXT DC2W proximity switch

More stable detection for automotive manufacturers

Omron introduces the new E2E NEXT DC2W Series, with 7mm of sensing distance: twice that of previous M12 sensors. This means more stable sensing, fewer collisions, and increased productivity – even when the distance changes due to equipment deterioration and vibration. The result? Fewer unexpected facility stoppages due to false detection, component failures, and damage caused by equipment collision.

Double the sensing distance

The newly released E2E NEXT DC2W Series has almost double* the sensing distance of our previous models. It will dramatically reduce unexpected machine stoppages, 70% of which* are caused by component failures. Now there’s an new proximity switch that almost never fails because its long sensing distance means it almost never collides with equipment. It ensures that the work goes on.

60 times faster to fit

Used with the special Omron “e-jig” mounting sleeve, a new E2E NEXT DC2W PROX can be replaced in just 10 seconds, compared to the 10 minutes that is currently needed to replace a conventional old E2E switch. That’s because the e-jig sleeve automatically secures the sensor in the exact position - no positioning adjustments are necessary. What’s more, the e-jig sleeve can use the same mounting hole in the equipment used by the previous switch – making upgrade fast and simple.

360º detection status visibility

Replacing an new E2E NEXT DC2W switch is also made faster and easier thanks to the 360 º high-brightness LED status indictor. Whatever the orientation that the switch assumes when you install the new E2E NEXT DC2W, the LED indicator is always clearly visible. With conventional sensors, the LED status indicator may be hidden from view depending the rotation stop position. No such problems with the new E2E NEXT DC2W, it has “all-round” visibility.

Fewer failures

In addition to its longest sensing distance that will help avoid collisions, the new E2E NEXT DC2W comes with enhanced oil-resistant PVC cables – providing at least two-years of protected operation. And that protection is worth having since research* reveals that around 30% of unexpected component failures are cause by cutting oil. The E2E’s cables have been evaluated according to IP67G of JIS C 0920.

How you benefit… at-a-glance

  • Double the sensing distance of previous models 
  • Stable detection even when equipment drifts away due to vibration
  • Reduced collisions caused by sensing failure
  • Easy to confirm detection status - 360º visible LED
  • Fast replacement time – 10 seconds 
  • Oil resistant cable – protected for two years 
  • Can be installed in a small space
  • Chance to simplify stock with one model type

* Based on September 2017 Omron investigation

Proximity sensor: E2E NEXT Series
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